VR Eco Hack 2017

When we started the Public VR Lab in May of 2016, as an extension of our two community media arts centers in Boston and Northampton, one goal was to train content creators in VR/AR/360 to develop content in the public interest.

We started a VR Academy at our spaces last fall, provided free public VR, AR and 360 demos weekly at our Lab, Unity and other VR creation classes, offered off site demos at the senior and teen centers and in public spaces, and organized meetups to help educate the community on these new tools.

In the process we realized, that just like our work in community media, we are training the next generation of content creators whom we want to be focused on media literacy and climate change.

That’s why we are organizing a regional VR EcoHack in Boston for Earth Day weekend in partnership with these wonderful supporters/collaborators:

Brookline Interactive Group, Boston VR, Teach for America, Wayfair, Fasility, VR Doodler, Mass Media Literacy, Traces.io, LearnLaunch, VR at MIT, and the Transformative Culture Project. 

Images of logos for the 2017 VR EcoHack sponsors

Sign up to join this fun, educational event, and help save the planet through storycoding and media literacy!



Hacking the Future in VR, AR & 360

Join us for the VR EcoHack, a regional hackathon in Brookline, MA on April 21-23rd, 2017 where teams of students and adults can create climate change content in virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video.

We’ll have lesson plans from educators with a focus on science and media literacy that attendees can follow to develop content, and mentors and volunteers will be available all weekend to help inspire and guide teams.

Bring a formed team or meet new teammates at this hackathon to create and test your stories and games on multiple headsets, including HTC VIVEs, Hololens, Oculus, PSVR, Samsung Gear, and more.

Use the Public VR Lab’s 360 cameras, computer labs, television studios, and 3D asset libraries to create your team’s content. Food, fun and ample caffeine. Cash and awesome equipment prizes will be provided in all three categories. [Above: *free Vr EcoHack stickers to all!]

Participants over 13 and of all levels of VR, AR and 360 experience are encouraged to sign up.

NEW TO VR? If you’re new to VR, we welcome you to sign up for a FREE week-long pre-bootcamp beginning on Tuesday, April 18 through Friday, April 21st to help you learn new skills in 3D object creation, 360 video, Unity, VR illustration tools, Simmetri, and learn the basics of Aframe to create content in Web VR.

Please sign up directly on our web site linked here for the VR bootcamp.

Read more about the Hackathon at www.vrecohack.com.