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Immigrations Stories in Full Frame: Collaborative 360/VR Filmmaking

Collaborative Immigration Project

We’re building a national collaboration project around 360 filmmaking, immersive journalism, and community storytelling.

Join our cohort to learn, share, and create a 360/VR documentary project on “Re-imaging Migration” together over the next year, as well as a create traditional media content for our local, regional and national networks.

To Apply:

Please email with the following information:

  • Contact info for applicants
  • A description of your work and your organization (media center, news, library, arts org, etc)
  • Your interest in 360 video and immigration stories in your community
  • Capacity: Describe the technical skills and interest of your team, storytelling, and journalism, as well as describing the immigration stories that need to be shared from your community.
  • Describe a current collaboration you participate in and your experience in it. Why do you wish to collaborate with our project?
  • Application date is September 7th, 2017.

We’ll begin our work together in mid-October through the summer of 2018.

Requirements: Team collaborative calls monthly to share successes, challenges, and opportunities, educational webinars (optional), and training/tips on 360 filmmaking.

We’ll provide a 360 camera, training on 360 filmmaking, and on VR/AR technologies, and coordinate editing and submission the final piece to film festivals and promote the work of the collaborative, locally, regionally and nationally.

We hope to together create a template for a strong immersive news/content sharing network, engaged communities, training programs, and collaborative, community-based VR projects.

We hope that we’ll find some best practices for how to work together as a national cohort group, developing our methods, techniques, strategies, funding, and distribution to create social impact in the area of immersive, empathetic immigration stories.

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