Northampton Community Television (NCTV) was the co-founding member of the Public VR Lab, and is now the Public VR Lab @Northampton.

Al Williams, NCTV’s executive director, co-founded the Lab with Kathy Bisbee, BIG’s executive director. They are our first affiliate location and offer VR demos, a creator’s space, editing suites, studio, 360 cameras, and gear, partnerships with filmmakers, immersive filmmaking grants, and high-quality film sprints in Northampton, MA.

NCTV has created many community-based 360 stories and films, and is the founder of Crowdsourced Cinema, which BIG has brought to the Boston-area, thanks to NCTV’s leadership. NCTV is also the organizer of the Northampton Film Festival, where BIG and the Public VR Lab-Brookline have collaborated to help them curate immersive experiences for the Festival in 360, VR and AR.

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